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Building a huge, portal site like this takes lots of time. Time is money and if anybody knows trying to balance your business, family and personal life is a delicate and challenging journey. With this in mind, we can use the following assistance:

1) Contribution of images for the photo galleries of invertebrates or reptiles. These must be quality pics. You need to have a caption reading "Courtesy and Copyright (year of pic) (your full name). If possible put the scientific name, sex (if known) and life stage on the photo.

2) Contribution to the "Hobby History" page. These need to be major historical items of general interest like rare species successfully bred, new species imported, new organizations, etc. Not "my rose hair molted". :)

3) Contributions to the "Event, Links and News" pages.

4) Contribution of articles, care sheets, species profiles, etc. These need to be well-researched, well-written, spell-checked and grammar-checked and edited for scientific accuracy.

5) Make suggestions for this site and let us know of any corrections, spelling, grammar or typo problems on any of the content.

6) Webmasters of other sites can cross-link our sites and support each other with ads and links on both of our sites. I only do this with sites that are educational and/or scientific. No commercial sites.

7) You can encourage us to find the time to put up more photos, care sheets, species profiles and new and exciting content and features by making a paypal donation. A minimum of $5 donation will get our attention to make time for putting up more content. Paypal more with a specific request and we will do our best to create and add that specific content (example: special page devoted to your favorite invertebrate, etc.) . Use the paypal donate button at the bottom of this page to make a donation.

8) The best way to help support this site is to register an account and buy products from us and/or make a donation using the paypal button at the bottom of this page.

**** Any contributions that you make are rewarded with free advertising (non-commercial of your educational or scientific site, studies, programs, and events. If your not an educational/scientific entity or represent one and you are just an enthusiastic hobbyist, we will list you on a special contributor's page. Thank you!

**** Email any content questions to

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