Retail Terms

Updated: 07/18/15:


• Be 18 yrs. or older (No sales to minors. Proof of age may be required at our discretion.)

• Have good intentions and/or experience about keeping exotic animals with a compassionate animal welfare attitude (research the animal's needs and best care and provide the best captive enclosure, food, water, heat, cooling conditions and other needs as possible and have these materials/supplies on-hand before acquiring your new animal/animals.

Ordering is simple. **** Minimum order is $50  for "live" stock not including shipping costs. There is no minimum for dry goods, publications, movies or deadstock (preserved).  ****

1) Click here to look at price lists and submit an order using our online order form.

2) Upon receipt, we will verify availability and email you back with the total order and paypal amount.
3) Make the paypal payment to reserve your stock.
4) We will confirm receipt of your payment and contact you to discuss a shipping date.
5) Please read our in-detail shipping and business terms below.

**** VERY IMPORTANT: We get a lot of emails and travel frequently doing field collecting, imports and exports, so be patient with communications with us. We typically process new orders within 48 hours. Use the contact form to communicate your order, question or offer by clicking HERE.

FL residents need to read the following link before considering any purchases of invertebrates from us to know what they can buy without an Arthropod permit from the state and which species can (restricted species), and most importantly which ones are prohibited.
Click here to read mandatory FL resident regulations on arthropods.

MILITARY DISCOUNT. Showing our respect and thanks for those currently in the U.S. military and for U.S. military veterans, we offer 10% off animal stock and/or dry goods and services for current military members and veterans. Inquire for more info.

K12 TEACHER'S DISCOUNT. Showing our respect and thanks for K12 teachers that have been hurt by school budget cuts and are trying to teach children about invertebrates and reptiles, we offer a 10% off animal stock, and/or dry goods and services. Proof of school employment required. Note: Discount effective for NEW orders as of 3/13/11. We will not back date the discount if you fail to remind us that you qualify and don't submit proof that you qualify at the time of your new order.

Shipping days:

• We typically ship on Mondays and Wednesdays. Sometimes, we make exceptions to ship on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but rarely.


FOR DRY GOODS: No minimum order
• Parcel Post - for heavy supplies, $15+
• MEDIA MAIL $5-$10 - for books/CDs/DVDs ONLY

• PRIORITY MAIL $6+  for media mail items you want faster and supplies
FOR LIVE ANIMAL SHIPPING: Our minimum order for "live" stock is $75 not including shipping costs. Cost is determined by the qty. you order/size and wgt. of the box and your zip code. We will determine this for you. You can select next day shipping with a live arrival guarantee or 2nd day service with NO live arrival guarantee. Both of these options are for non-venomous/ NOT medically significant species. We will determine the shipping cost depending on the size/weight of your order. Shipping costs start at $35 and go up with service options/size/wgt. of your order.

• For venomous/ medically significant species, minimum purchase is $200 in stock (not including shipping cost) and the shipment must travel via Delta Dash airport to airport for $112+ in costs.

NOTE: We do NOT ship when your temps are under 40F or over 89F (at your receiving zip code the next a.m. before 12pm).
We will delay the shipment for better temps. This also applies to extreme weather storms in your area or ours.

Packing & Handling fee:

(This fee represents the cost of needed insulated boxes, heat and cold packs, packing materials and cups/containers and packing time. for your shipment.)
• $5 for small orders typically under $100 in wildlife and/or supplies. This is subject to increase slightly for large orders and/or large animals. Inquire.

Shipping guarantees:

• Shipments are guaranteed upon arrival ONLY if your temperatures are between 40F-89F.

• The high and low temperature range for the day must be above 40 and below 88 degrees to guarantee live arrival.
• Live arrival is guaranteed ONLY for shipments shipped next day service or Delta Dash. IF the carrier is late for their service time(s), live arrival policy is voided.
• We do not guarantee live arrival for any amphibian, mantid ,solifugid species due to their delicate needs, they are easily stressed and/or they are not long-lived.
• Wild-caught animals are ONLY guaranteed 24 hours upon arrival. Captive-born/captive-raised animals are guaranteed for 12 days.
• We are not responsible for any carrier's mishandling or damage to your box, acts of God, terrorists attacks, extreme weather or anything of the like. We keep and sell quality stock and pack very well, but once the box leaves my possession, it is up to the carrier selected to do their part. We are not responsible for their delays or mishandling.
• You or your agent must be present to sign for door to door shipments.
• Orders sent to the airport must be picked up within 4 hours of their arrival time.
• We am not responsible for missed deliveries or carrier delays.
• If you pay with paypal your order will be shipped to your confirmed address listed on your paypal account. Sorry no exceptions.
• No other guarantees or warranties are implied or offered.


• Animals offered for sale have not been quarantined or treated for parasites unless we state that explicitly in an ad, in our price list or on our web site. They are otherwise all in apparent good health. we strongly recommend that all animals (captive born and wild caught) be quarantined, checked by a vet, and treated accordingly. This applies especially to wild-caught imports.

Buyer acknowledges complete satisfaction 24 hours after receipt of shipment. (It is the responsibility of the buyer to make a through inspection of their received wildlife within 24 hours of receipt of their shipment. Major problems (injuries during shipping that affect mobility/eating/drinking, missing appendages, etc.) will be legitimate concerns for replacement/credit, etc.  Very petty problems about small cosmetic markings, small scarring, premolt coloration, a missing toe nail, "slightly" kinked tail, etc. will be listened to and possible discounts/credits made, but 99% of the time, will not be considered. We are reasonable, but the buyer needs to be reasonable  as well. Sorry for having to say this, but after dealing with many customers over two decades, we do find the occasional customer that is not reasonable with their expectations of wild-caught/imported wildlife and/or captive-born wildlife in the packing/shipping process and how a customer may unpack, set up and keep wildlife that can incur cosmetic  problems as well. We have been shipping top-notch stock for over two decades with thousands of satisfied customers. We have to write the above disclaimer for the occasional customer that has unreasonable expectations and can never be satisfied. Anybody in retails sales long-term knows what we are referring to here.)

• No credits/replacements/refunds for stock shipped that was discounted, special sale stock, a replacement, customer selected b-grade stock and freebies.

DOA (Dead upon arrival) POLICY:

• Any DOA (dead-upon-arrival) claims must be made within 24 hours of arrival by email or phone message. No exceptions to this rule.

• DOAs must be proven by taking a good photo and email or shipping it to us or preserving (putting the invert in a zip lock bag wrapped in slightly-moist, alcohol tissue and shipped in a padded envelope within 24 hours of the incident reported.
• All valid DOAs are replaced if the species is in stock on your next order, or a credit will be issued for your next order. No refunds.
• Customer pays for shipping on any DOA replacement shipments. Replacement shipments are not “replaceable”.


• Sexing is ONLY guaranteed IF it was advertised sexed on this site and/or if it is printed on the invoice next to the species name purchased. If your male turns about to be female later on or vice versa, contact me and we will replace the animal and/or issue you a credit and take care of shipping costs to return the animal back to me if you desire.

• If the price list says "UNSEXED", do not ask us to sex it. It is being sold "unsexed" due the fact that we can't yet sex it accurately, or we have too many in-stock to take the time to sex that species. If we can sex the species and take the time to do it individually, most probably the "sexed" invertebrate will be listed at a higher price.
• In general, we can sex tarantulas "live" over 3" leg spans accurately and some true spiders as sub-adults, but not in all cases. We do NOT list the sex of centipedes, scorpions, vinegaroons, tailless whip scorpions, solifugids or mantids unless spiderlings/babies have been produced from a female. Sometimes, in these invertebrates, we may be able to sex sub-adults or larger in a species case-by-case basis.
• IF you were sold a guaranteed sexed animal, printed as such on your invoice, and it "changes sex on you", contact us and we will replace the animal and/or issue you a credit and take care of shipping costs to return the animal back to me if you desire.
• Identification is guaranteed if we list the genus and species on your order's invoice. IF the animal is sold with a "?" beside the identification of it's family, genus or species, that means we are not sure and there is no guarantee that it is what's listed. IF you are sold an animal with no question mark as to it's identification and listed that way on the invoice and it turns out later not to be that in that family, genus or species, we will take care of shipping costs to return the animal and issue a credit if you desire. We can not be liable for taxonomic changes in the future though.
• We sell life stage sizes as "baby, spiderling, juvenile, sub-adult, adult, mature male" for what's appropriate for that particular species. We guarantee that life stage size, but we will not play around with exact measurements as people have different ideas about how invertebrates are measured.

PHOTOS (in our ads, on our web site and in our email attachments to you):

• The photos our ads, on our web site and in our email attachments to you may or may not be the actual animal available (unless stated). Unfortunately due to the number of animals I offer, the rapid turn over of inventory, and the large number of requests for photos that we receive it is nearly impossible for us to provide photos of individual animals. Occasional exceptions may apply.


• We require full payment before we field collect and/or ship out your stock. No exceptions.
• Once your order is submitted via online ordering and/or email or phone call, and we have confirmed availability and asked for payment and you have paid the full balance or made any amount of deposits, all sales are final. We have reserved the order for you and your are obligated to receive it. If for any reason, we can not ship you the order you paid for and no substitution can be made and/or a credit issued for the future, we will then issue a refund if you desire. Customers that trade their stock for store credit may only receive stock from our inventory (in-stock items). They agree to select stock from our current inventory. If we run out of something, the credit is kept on-file until replacement or new stock can be substituted in the near future.


• Do NOT submit payment until we have confirmed your order and availability of stock/items and have given you payment instructions.

• Upon receipt of your order, we will contact you to list payment methods to pay for your purchase.
• A packing & handling fee will be applied to your order. See earlier section on this for details.
• We will ONLY reserved animals or dry goods with a 50% deposit and/or full payment. We will reserve for only one week until full payment is satisfied. Due to extreme weather conditions, we may have to hold your order until the weather improves, but if you want us to hold your order for more than one week for any other reason, a $10 a week maintenance and inventory space fee will apply. This situation can not be allowed for more than four weeks. After that, we will put your reserved animals/dry goods back up for sale to the public and you will not be issued any refund. Bottom line: Pay for your order quickly so we can ship you quickly. We are in the pet trade business of quick turnover. We can not sit on stock forever. We need to make room for new arrivals every day.
• In no case shall we be liable for more than the purchase price of any product.


• Care sheets available upon request. Check on this site first to see if we have some already published on the site.

• When you order from us, you acknowledge that you have read our shipping and business terms carefully and completely and agree to all terms stated.
• **** VERY IMPORTANT: STORE/TRADE CREDIT. If you are given any store or trade credit, it is non-transferable and must be used within one year of it being issued. Customers with store credit can use their credit ONLY towards purchases from items marked "IN" for in-stock or for Florida native species.


• No shipments will knowingly be sent in violation of any state or federal laws.

• "By ordering from us, you have checked with your local, state and federal wildlife authorities and have complied with all necessary laws and requirements to order and keep these type of animals and have acquired any necessary permits. You also acknowledge that you are aware these animals have the ability to either bite or sting and inject venom, flick urticating hair, constrict or scratch, and that I do NOT advocate handling of these animals. You also agree NOT to hold, Todd Gearheart Enterprises, Todd Gearheart, his staff, members or representatives responsible for any injury you or others may receive as a result of your having these animals. This applies to either direct or indirect injury or damage. You further agree that you take full responsibility for the consequences resulting from keeping these animals, both to yourself and to others, to yours and their property, and will keep Todd Gearheart, as well as all people connected with his business free of all liability for injury or damage of any and all kind. I am not trying to scare you, only to impress upon you that these animals require responsible keeping. Novice keepers should read a good book like Sam Marshall's "Tarantulas and Other Arachnids" and visit an educational site like and read all beginner-type of articles before purchasing and keeping a tarantula, other invertebrate, reptile or exotic animal.

*** Note that your failure to read my terms whether accidental or intentional will not under any circumstances be a reason to consider them void or altered.

*** Your order is a legally binding contract. By placing your order, you acknowledge that you have read, fully understand and agree to our terms of sale. You also acknowledge and agree to pay all expenses including legal fees, court costs and attorney fees paid by the seller when attempting to collect on a breech of these terms. We are not responsible for customers who ignore our Terms of Sale. All sales are final.