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Legal - news, laws and regulations you need to know about

Legal News:
April 2000. Proposal to includes all Poecilotheria species as CITES II-listed animals. (This was not approved.) Click to view the .pdf document here.
(If you buy, breed, sale, trade, import/export, donate or ship animals, you need to know these laws):


USDA (many regulations concerning import insects)

Excellent page to check Federal and state laws/regulations

States endangered wildlife laws and state dept. of agriculture regulations:

CALIFORNIA - endangered list
CALIFORNIA- Dept. of Agriculture
FLORIDA - endangered list
FLORIDA- Dept. of Agriculture

"BROWN-BOXING": This is an illegal activity when a U.S. buyer purchases from a foreign seller wildlife and has the shipment received in the postal mail without declaring the contents to U.S. customs and U.S. Fish & Wildlife. People do this to get around not having to pay expensive, but legally required import costs,and/or to acquire illegal species and/or to gain an advantage in the commercial market by not having import cost overhead. It hurts our hobby and trade. Do NOT buy from people that do this.

SMUGGLING CASES (examples of why you should not break wildlife laws/regulations):

A German Tarantula Breeder, Sven Koppler, was sentenced today for smuggling tarantulas into the U.S. See new stories about this below:
news story #1
news story #2
news story #3

"Operation Spiderman"

Sep./Oct 1998 "Operation Arachnid"